Sunday, November 26, 2006

Still very little juice

Whether I started running again too quickly after Chicago, or whether I'm just tired - I'm not sure but I'm definitely not up to standards at the moment. I managed a good 45 minutes yesterday (in the driving rain and knee-deep in mud - there is something about very unpleasant conditions that seems to work for me) but this morning 30 minutes was all. It's not that anything hurts - it's just that I seem to wear out very quickly. I am tired, I think. Also a bit disappointed as I was going to run a cross-country race today but my son was ill so I felt I should stay home with him. There’s a sickness bug going round and I just hope that today’s illness won’t prevent his admission to hospital next week…. I suppose I should surrender to the universe here, whatever will be will be.

Going back to running – looking back on what I’ve written I think that regardless of why I’m so tired – poor health or lack of sleep or overtraining or left-over exhaustion from Chicago – I need to take a few days off. Sleep, live healthily and see where that leaves me.

Hopefully my next post will be perkier.. Till then, happy running!