Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The phoenix rises!

I am, finally, well.  I am, finally, back on the road.  I listened to everyone who told me to wait until the doctor said "go!", to go slow, to take it easy.  I did ALL that.  And man, was it hard! Not at the beginning, when I felt so wiped out that taking it slow was fine.  But after a while I was desperate to get out there.  Desperate! 

But while my time off has made me less fit, has added some pounds and made me overall a little softer, a little rounder, I didn't entirely let this time go to waste.  One of my lurking friends emailed me immediately after my last post and suggested I retrain as a personal trainer.  I have been thinking about training as a running or tri coach for a while, had googled personal training courses but nothing had really stuck with me.  I think the personal trainers at my gym (= muppets) really put me off.  They are mostly quite sweet but so young, so annoyingly one-dimensional, so incredibly unable to get anything that does not take place within the gym.  (Marathon training?  Uh - you need to go outside for that?).  Yes I know - a snap judgment.  But this friend referred me straight to a credible course and qualification (YMCA) and pointed out that I could so easily run bootcamps and training camps and all sorts of things out here on the farm where I live.  I have space in my house to convert a room into a gym - I'm all set!  So I have spent the past 3 weeks researching this option, working out a business plan, talking to another personal trainer who lives nearby and who has been incredibly helpful and supportive and generally laying the foundations for this plan.  I am hoping that I can start the program in September - there are still some glitches to work out timing-wise and logistically with my family but things are looking positive..

And in the meantime my chest x-ray came back clear, my bloodwork came back fine except for my old friend anemia, and so with iron pills in my hand I am making my way back.  15 miles last week and I'm hoping to get a good 25 in this week.  Our summer holidays are finally beginning (11 year old is home, 8 year old has another 10 days to go) and life is a flurry of activity for them but I'm used to this - I can get my workouts in.  Only 2 weeks to go till I head out to Portland for the Cascade Lakes Relay so I'm intending to get some twofers in this week (5 in the am, 3 in the pm) and then keep them up next week.  My speed is not great at the moment and I am concentrating on the endurance rather than the speed for this race - with so little time to go I think I just need to ensure I can cover the distances rather than try to cover them fast.  Right Jen? 

So all is good.  I am WEEKS behind on all of your blogs but about to head over there now to see what has been going on.  The future is bright!

Oh - and in an attempt to stop me running (as if) one of my friends managed to convince me to go riding for the first time in my life....  It's fine but I don't think you sweat enough. 


Fran said...

It's so good to hear from you Petra, missed your posts.

What a fantastic idea to start as a PT. I think you will be great. The only thing that's a pity is that you live in England and I'm in Holland otherwise you would have got your first client right now!

Glad to hear you're well again and back at the thing you love: running.

Running and living said...

This is great! Welcome back! So happy you feel healthy again and have new goals on the horizon. The PT idea is fabulous, good luck!

Lybbe said...

Definitely pursue the career idea! You have so much experience to share.

Unknown said...

to lose fitness is to gain fitness. And that gain is so much stronger in the long run! I am so glad that you are better and yes, PT is calling your name!!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

happy to have a running buddy! I just wish you weren't across the pond. We could do have some great training runs together. I'm enjoying my slow, no pressure return to running and I hope the same for you.

Follow your passion!

Anonymous said...

That is a fantastic idea and plan to become a trainer! I am also glad to hear your body has been able to bounce back as well!

jen said...

So glad to hear you are better! And I'm excited to hear more about this personal training thing!

It hadn't even occurred to me to do 2-a-days... So I'd say you are ahead of the game! Definitely endurance over speed. You're going to do great. Will let you know as soon as we finalize the leg assignments.

Keep up the good work buddy! I can't wait to see you!!!!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Definitely not enough sweating in pony riding unless you're me and afraid of even a little heights. I might be sweating more than running. :) So glad you are back!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and can't wait to meet you. WE'll have to nail down a time so I can make sure that my hubby is home so I can head out.

pensive pumpkin said...

Welcome back! You were definitely missed.

Susan said...

Your staff architectis ready to go on those room renovations!

Unknown said...

Petra, this is a brilliant idea! I am so excited for you. My partner, Angela, is a personal trainer and you are right about those "kids" in the gym. She works for an integrative medicine center and has her Masters in Exercise Physiology but most personal trainers (in gyms) are 20 years old and don't know much about anything outside of the gym or safety for that matter. You will be a huge success. This is great news.

Jill said...

Petra!!! I had to wait to comment because I always have to read every single word to get all your words absorbed! Always love to read a post from you.

I am so happy that the doc gave the ok to get back on the road and you are feeling good. Makes me very, very happy! I've thought about you so often in the past month!

I have my personal training certification and at one time thought I'd like to work a big corporate gym, but I was wrong - hated it! But I'm glad I have it and I use it with my clients when making plans and am able to incorporate strength training into the weekly plans - I find the experience invaluable and I know you will ROCK being a trainer. You have such a heart of gold and I know you will be emotionally invested in your clients. Can't wait for you to go after that dream!

You can definitely come on our relay next could come this year if you wanted to come back to the States in August, we lost a runner and are down one right now. I'm not sure why I signed up other than I thought it'd be a good jump back into the running world - something to strive for, but they are fun and you will have a blast!

Big hugs to you, my dear!!

Anonymous said...

good luck with the business plan and great news that you are running again and able to compete at portland. good luck and safe travels

pensive pumpkin said...

PS- thanks for the add!

Anonymous said...

Hey Petra. I was just thinking about you so thought I'd pop over and see how you're doing.

And I'm so glad I did. It makes me so happy to know you are back on track. And the personal training sounds perfect for you (even if the boot camps sound a tad scary!)

Oh and you may notice my change in identity! I have said goodbye to Sofa and the City and hello to The Reinvention Tour.



lizzie lee said...

The best news is that health is good, and the blood work results came OK. I confess I was concerned when I read your last blog.

You're gonna love the relay. I finished Ragnar Relay yesterday and can't stress how wonderful it was. I advise on being minimalist packing for the race (can advise you if you want on what to take with you, and I guarantee you that you will not miss anything else)...Room is much needed in the vans. Besos, and ENJOY the experience!!!

Unknown said...

Your new goals and plans sound really exciting! A friend of mine just started YOGA for runners in her home and it is going so well! She has never been happier. It's so refreshing to have some new opportunities, BEST of luck!

Irish Blue said...

Petra - It's been entirely too long since I talked to you!! I'm glad to hear you are doing well. Your new business venture sounds exciting. If you decide to train runners, even from afar, let me know. I have thought of hiring a running coach and who better!! Seriously let me know your rates and services when you get organized around this.