Monday, November 29, 2010

Boston. And this is how I'm going to do it.

It's been 3 weeks since I last blogged and I am, once again, behind on many of your posts. Wait up people - I WILL get there. But I have not been sitting around procrastinating - oh no. Primarily this is because I have set Google up with a little add-on called Leechblock which is designed to "block" you from doing things that "leech" your time away. Like Facebook. So between 9am and 6pm, if I try to go on Facebook my computer takes me to my to-do list. Clever eh? It is still sadly lacking in a sledgehammer to beat me over the head with unless I do the things on my to-do list but it's a sweet start.

But anyway - what I've been trying to do is clear the decks, practically and mentally, for training for Boston.

Practically I've been focusing on time-consuming stuff that I can (and do) sit and waste time on, and have forced myself to make some decisions:
- I will not be doing a course in London which requires a weekly 6 hour commute. I did one this term and contemplated a different one next term, but the commute is too tiring and organising my domestic life in my absence for 36 hours even more so. So that's not happening.
- new kitchen - all decisions re design, layout, materials and contents made. Workmen lined up. Now all that needs to happen is it to happen. And that's slowly happening.
- Christmas shopping. Aaarggghhh. Usually the thought of this makes me want to curl into a ball and moan gently to myself while beating my head on the floor. But this year I decided to man up, pull myself together. I put together a budget, made a spreadsheet (yes I am comfortable enough with you all to tell you this) and bought everything online. Bish bash bosh. One evening's work. Done.

Clearing the decks mentally. Aha. A different matter altogether. Ardent readers of this blog may realise I've run only 2 races this year - the Stamford 30K in February and the World Wide half in October. With one thing and another, and that thing, it's not been a stellar racing year. Mojo has come, gone and reappeared. I've not kept track of all of my runs in one place and I've switched training plans and strategies a few times in the course of this year. I could look at this year and say it was a mess. Running-wise. On the other hand, it has been a pretty stressful year on the personal front and I have carried on running and running has definitely helped me through it. And on the eve of the last month of the year, the personal front has improved immeasurably, and my running is back on track for marathon training. So not such a mess after all, really.

So my strategy going forward? Well I contemplated the BAA marathon plan. I contemplated doing the Pfitz again. I contemplated lots of things. And I have decided to try something new (you know me - I love me something new). I'm getting a coach! I am hoping that a coach will help me adapt a plan more and train smarter. In the past I have been guilty of over- and under-training, of pushing my paces too hard and of not pushing myself hard enough. I am hoping that by developing a plan as we go along and by making changes when things are not working, or too easy, I can maximise my enjoyment and potential this April. Forgive the secret squirrel approach for now - all will be revealed shortly.

Till then my lovely friends. Hope your running is going great and for those of you racing in the next week or so - great good luck!

10 miles in the snow this morning


Aron said...

PERFECT! i think that will be the best thing :) i have wanted one for a long time, takes away the constant thinking, doubting, second guessing... you will just be able to listen and run. yay!

Runner Susan said...

Ten miles! That rocks. How do you motivate yourself to run alone? I'm not very motivated right now - and I need it. Full at the end of February and 1/2 IM mid April.

Oh, and a half this weekend that I didn't train for at all because my entire household was feverish.

Anonymous said...

the peanuts are in the closet behind the rasberry jam, agent 99 :)

Running and living said...

You've been busy! Good for you. Congrats on the coach! Tell us more about him/her.

Emily said...

I love love LOVE the Leechblock idea. Except what if you REALLY want to go on FB? I am going to have to look into this. I have no idea where my time goes some days and I'm sure sites like FB, etc. have something (everything) to do with this.

I love that you're getting a coach! I loved having one and would keep one on retainer constantly if I could do it. It takes a lot of the guessing out and you can stay confident that you're doing the right stuff. Plus, how awesome is it to have someone dedicated to YOU to bounce everything running-related off of. You're going to do fantastic.

I was thinking over some Boston advice today on my run that I need to share with people. It is by no means earth-shattering information but just some things I forgot about in the midst of such a cool race. TBA!

You have a lot going on and I really think having the coach around will help. Keeping all of this shit together is hard! But if anyone can do it, its YOU!

Rock out!


bpytri said...

I am OVERJOYED upon reading this!! My hubby and I both agree that getting a coach is the smartest thing I've ever done for myself the last few years. It was scary at first, having to release control of my training schedule to someone else, having to be held accountable to them, etc., but it really has reduced a lot of stress, give me MORE time & energy to focus on other things and the results, well, I could not be more thrilled. I hope it works out as well for you!

ShirleyPerly said...

Oops, sorry, that was me logged in as my tri club!

Unknown said...

I'm loving the coaching idea! I did it for NYC and despite my foot issue, it was the best training I've ever done. The smartest training, too.
It's not always easy taking a pre-set plan and trying to make it work for you. We're all so different. I've also liked being accountable and receiving feedback from my coach. The most important thing that the experience brought me was the whole heart rate factor. I don't think I'll ever go back to training on my own.

You sound wonderful and your picture and smile just made my day. The snow? I'm glad you have it and not me. I don't think I'd be smiling!

lizzie lee said...

EXCELLENT.... I think that is awesome... I am shopping for one, but haven't met the one for my needs.

Tell me, is he/she handy or is virtual? tell me everything about it!!! I want ONE!!!

spyder ski said...

10 miles in the snow is quite amazing..congrats...I can't really do that since I'm allergic to too much cold...

jeanne said...

you are my hero! leechblock! love it! 10 miles! xxo

Susan said...

Yaaaaayyyyyy for the coach! The more I think about it, the better of an idea I think it is. If there was EVER a time to get a coach, I'd say it would be to train for Boston. Go Petra go!

I just can not imagine running in all that snow. Holy cow!

Emz said...

OMGosh - a snow run??! I think I'd rather run 44 miles on a mill - wait, I KNOW I'd rather run 44 on a mill. YAY you though!! Awesome.

Leechblock ????

I need it. I don't want it but I NEED it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi there- Thanks for stopping by my blog...I love the LEACHblock idea, however I know I could not stick with it!!!!

Mark U. said...

Leechblock is a great idea, which I need to look into!

I think your plans are good, including hiring a coach. Personally, I don't think I could have achieved my first qualifying run without mine - so good for you in having done so nevertheless!

As far as your 2011 Boston Marathon is concerned I recommend that you lower your self-induced pressure. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying not to train for it! I'm simply saying that running Boston is the icing on the cake that *you've already baked!* You should NOT (and VERY few people do on their first attempt - including me) plan to re-qualify for Boston IN Boston. Truly and simply look to ENJOY yourself running between Hopkinton and Boston. Your first Boston Marathon will truly be a joyous experience whose memories you will long treasure IF you simply look to ENJOY yourself. By keeping that priority uppermost in your mind you'll de-stress yourself in your training - and other elements of your busy life - while staying healthier and happier. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an awesome plan! I have contemplated getting a coach since my brain is always wandering and I really just like people telling me what to do! hehe Can't wait to follow you through this new training cycle :)

Jill said...

Look at that cute girl running in the snow, oh how she makes me smile so many thousands of miles away!!

You are going to get stronger - physically and mentally - and be knocking that BAA right out of the water. No more second-guessing what you're suppose to do, it's going to be all laid out for you and all you need to do is RUN. How cool is that?? I'm still sad when I think about Boston and skipping next year and not able to see you, but we will someday - SOON.

Nothing wrong with internet shopping, girl!! I can't find anything I want in the malls and driving all over town just makes me a crazy woman - and use over-extended runner moms cannot lose our sanity during this crazy month!

Hugs and kisses!!

Amanda@runninghood said...

excited to find your blog and to see how this coach things goes! I love the leechblock thing...I need that big time!! Hope to catch up on here.

Julie said...

Hi Petra,
Good luck with the coach and training for Boston! What a great idea! If I would get just a little bit more serious about my running I would consider it too:)

It looks like you had a lovely snow run. I don't mind running in the snow as long as it isn't slippery....that way I know I won't fall on my butt!

Take care Petra!