Sunday, May 30, 2010

Everything you always wanted to know. After last week? Probably not but here it is anyway.

I was tagged by running and living. Well .. she tagged her first 15 commenters (I know! She's very popular!) and I was number 14. Squeezed in - that's me! And now I'm going to tag whoever would like to me tagged so think about it. 7 random facts people!

1. Only a few people know, because I haven't blogged about it yet, that I have basically made my husband take up running. He's been sort of running 5/6/7 milers and has done a few longer runs recently (10/11 miles) and then - last week - he did his first ever half marathon. Now that is a BIG deal. Let me rewind for you - we met as students, have been together and in love for over 18 years. 7 years ago I took up running and he has been very supportive of me as I lost weight and gained confidence. I very much wanted him to start as well - running has brought me a great deal of happiness and joy - but also did not want to push it. You've got to *want* to run training miles, no good doing it with me forcing him. So to see him out there running and to go to a race with him to race it together - it was fabulous. We ran the White Peak half together, where we also met up with masses of running blogging / podcasting buddies. And we ran it. On the hottest day of the year so far and in new shoes (hmm yes - the rookie lost his running shoes last week and had to buy new ones the day before the race..) my wonderful and amazing husband finished his first half marathon. He only stopped speaking to me for the last 2 miles and I think our marriage was briefly suspended half a mile before the finish, but he's already talking about his next one. So well done Adam!
Yep that's him and me lurking in the corner. The photos for this race are diabolical - my legs look like gigantic short treetrunks. I am only 4 lbs away from target weight folks - what is this? Is this what my legs are actually like? I know. I know. Yes.
2. My son is called Felix because I was casting about for names for him and went though one of my old American history books and found a list of supreme court justices and was struck by Felix Frankfurter.. Poor Felix has 4 names - the first 2 are the family names (Adam Matthew) and the second 2 are his own, and my choices, Felix Emerson. Being the birthgiver and the stretch mark receiver, I also insisted he be known as Felix and not as something so ghastly as little Adam or whatever. (Remember on Dynasty they had LB? Little Blake? Oh man. That is bad.)
3. I'm Dutch. Well, many of you know this but for those who don't know - I've lived in the UK for years now but am Dutch. I grew up all over the world until the age of 11 so grew up bilingual even though my parents weren't, which made life in the English-speaking world easier for me. But when it comes to football (soccer) which I hate, I still support the Dutch. Thankfully there was no Dutch entry in Eurovision. The Dutch are good at herring and licorice. Not so good at music.
4. I cannot bear rodents but am not afraid of spiders.
5. After last week's post I got LOADS of lovely comments and feedback and emails so it's perhaps not clear enough that I am okay. I am okay. It has been rough, and I don't have all the answers (sorry) but I am okay and, yes, stronger for it. Stick that in your pipe midlife crisis and SMOKE IT!
6. Listening to Barbra Streisand singing can reduce me to tears. I am not proud of this. But it has done, and will do in future. I am powerless.
7. I met my BFF, Dawn, a few months after we each had our first child. We were waiting to see our health visitor at the doctor's when we overheard her saying something stupid and looked at each other as if to say "who is this woman?". We bonded, and making a great friend in my thirties is one of the most lovely surprises life has thrown me so far. She is truly 100% supportive and loving and with me all the way not to mention that she cracks me up on a regular basis. We live 130 miles apart but speak most days - I am very very lucky to have her in my life.

All is good folks. 15 weeks until the Robin Hood marathon which you are all getting way too excited about. We don't get to go a'stealin' through Nottingham (sadly) and I don't think we actually run through Sherwood Forest. On the upside, I don't think Russell Crowe, the latest and totally annoying and humourless Robin Hood, will be running it. One more week of dossing about, running 30M or so to just keep the legs ticking over and the Pfitz will start giving it to me again. I am slow so we will have an interesting few weeks. Goodnight for now, and good luck to you all!


Anonymous said...

Well done, Adam. Nice photo of you both.

Irish Blue said...

Great job Adam! That is so cool that you ran together.

Best girl friends are a HUGE blessing - lucky you and lucky Dawn!

I hate race photos. Either they hire really bad photographers or I have trick mirrors at home that make me look much leaner and more athletic. ;-)

Running and living said...

Love this. So nice to learn more about you! Did I tell you my son's name is Petru (male version of Petra:)

Susan said...

I am deathly afraid of snakes and spiders. YUCK!!!!

I like this list. You never fail to make me laugh! I can't wait to meet in person one day. It WILL happen!

Tina Mickelson said...

The Robin Hood with Eril Flynn was filmed in my little town of Chico. I'm not sure that Russell Crow could compete with Kevin Costner from Prince of theives.

Tina Mickelson said...

The Robin Hood with Eril Flynn was filmed in my little town of Chico. I'm not sure that Russell Crow could compete with Kevin Costner from Prince of theives.

Unknown said...

Geesh, I was getting all excited about that marathon of yours, yes, because of the name but HEY, you're running it so it's going to be BIG!
Yeah for Adam, he's rocking the half mary! I kind of gently(right!)egged my husband on to run a few years ago and now he has become SO competitive with me...I've created a monster! Just kidding, we love it. Fun post, P, I love learning more about bloggers and YOU! Hugs.

misszippy said...

Oh number 6 and number 7 are great, both for totally different reasons! I have an Adam, btw, but he is definitely not a L.A., so that's all cool.

Karen said...

Well done Adam!!

Now about those 18 years since university, do you have to be quite so public?! But do feel warm and fuzzy that you are still so in love...aahh.

And those legs, those are the wonderful legs that run marathons. More respect to them I think!!


Tricia said...

great job adam!

jen said...

Congrats Adam! Very impressive run and great picture.

I love these random info posts! You are adorable. :)

Unknown said...

Ian and I are in awe at adam's running. you must have done something subliminal to me too. i have started running too but only the embarrassing distances children do at sports day....i might get there eventually! xx

Susie said...

Truely a fantastic achievement for Adam! The half is still quite a way to run. I thought it would be a small step from running 10-milers which I had no problem with and completely fell apart during my first half. So total respect. Love the blog by the way Petra! You write really nicely. It's great to read.
Love Susie xx
PS Looking forward to hearing about Boston next year. VERY exciting. I can't believe you were scuppered by a volcano in Iceland of all places!

Aron said...

i love the random facts :) so awesome about your hubby!!!! congrats to him :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats to your hubby! That is so awesome you got to run together for his 1st 1/2 marathon :)

LMC said...

Congrats to Adam! My husband is also a runner and we really enjoy running together, so I totally get you wanting Adam to run too. Love #6, Barbra can sing!
Regarding your question about my training plan: I'm using Pfitz 18/55, modified to 16 weeks. We're on week one this week. Which Pfitz plan are you using?

Marathon Maritza said...

How cute is Adam running his first half!?!?! ♥ I'm so excited for him!

I'm so happy that you sound much more peppy and like yourself in this post...yay Robin Hood Marathon, here you come! I also agree on Russell Crowe, totally pointless remake. I actually prefer the Disney version best.

P.S. I got your lovely package!!!! THANK YOU!!!! I had a humzinger today at lunch! Since I'm not allowed to send candy (I'm surely not ruining it, being 4lbs from goal weight, girlfriend!) what can I send you? Anything you can't get over there? Or something fun for the kiddies?

ShirleyPerly said...

CONGRATS to Adam!!!

Wonderful that he's running with you. I'd give nearly anything if Dave could run again too but at least he can bike. So nice to be able to share these types of things together. Love the photo of you two!

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