Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Consider yourself

Blessed. Because I have saved you from the most boring blogpost ever. I had written it up and was getting ready to post it when I reread it and recoiled in boredom. There was just no need for it. The world is a better, richer place without it.

So here's a reworked version. Sure, I'll put some of the old content in. But I've hacked and cut and scissored out the really dull stuff. I'll summarise the first 2 paragraphs:
  • the meditation bit? Living in the moment? Not started that yet. Still living in past and future. Not too much mindfulness. A lot of mindlessness. Or just general anxiety and frustration.
  • I've been running a lot. A great lot.
  • some of my runs have been great. Some of my runs have been crappy. Some have just been okay.
Then there was a bit that was really unbelievably tedious. It was about me being tired. I have to say it is true - I am tired. Very tired. A lot of the time.
See? Ignore the daggy haircut (it seems that impulsive hair decisions take a looooooong time to fix themselves - let me be your warning) and the sort of general scaliness and paleness. It's February, peeps. It's not my time of year. But I am tired. Good lord. This is either
  • because I run so much. My non-running friends thinks this is the case. But I have run a lot before and I wasn't this tired.
  • because I have anaemia again. Or still. I had it last year, took iron pills, was much better. Then I ran out of iron pills and never got round to getting more and hey, here we are. Overall exhaustion. So I have bought more iron pills, have improved my diet (I am full to busting with leafy greens and whole grains you will be happy to hear) and am getting more sleep.
Overall - both my old discarded post and my new acceptable post tell you that everything is kind of ticking along. No major breakthroughs but no disasters either. Oh. Apart from the crosstraining. I have been biking with a friend who is training for a really long bike ride. That has been good - we don't go too fast so I think it is helpful without, god forbid, wearing me out even more. But we did our first longish bikeride together 10 days ago - 25 miles - and while it was good in many ways I realise that my bike and I need a few crucial upgrades. Let Oprah tell you about it:

So, in short, I need a new bike seat and some cycle shorts. Any recommendations? I want a really comfortable seat, to avoid any repeat of the pain of that bike ride.

And in the most positive news yet, I've booked my trip to Boston. I am going alone - the marathon falls on the day my kids go back to school after 3 weeks of Easter holidays and the school get really narky about missed days at the beginning of term. Husband is being left in charge of all the boring actually-getting-them-back-to-school-with-all-the-stuff-they-need job. I am flying out on Friday April 16th (arriving in the afternoon) and leaving on April 20th (evening). If this sounds like me inviting any of you to breakfast, lunch, dinner, post-run partying - well yes I am! Email me, FaceBook me, comment me. Don't twitter me because I never check. Sorry!

Hope all your running (and rest of life) is going well - I'm gearing up for my first big race, the Stamford St. Valentine's 30K on Sunday. Last year Isaac Stout was born on race day - thoughts of Susan in labor kept self-pity at bay during this nasty race. I will try to channel that spirit again on Sunday - report will follow. Till soon my chums.


jen said...

Hiya! Love the udpate. Sounds like your running is going really well! I am so excited for your Boston trip. I reeeeally wish I could be there. Great job on the cycling too, that sounds really fun.

My only nag is that you need to take better care of yourself! Keep on the iron thing and try to do the meditation or something similar, you need to take time for yourself! You deserve it.

Keep up the great work Petra! :)

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, I have had problems with anemia in the past and have to take iron supplements regularly in order to stay active (since I don't eat red meat and can't seem to get enough in my diet otherwise). Hope that'll be a quick fix for your tired feelings.

As for more bike seat comfort, I'd first check to make sure your bike is fit properly (i.e., the seat is not too high), then getting some bike shorts and also using some type of lubricant in addition (there are many but the one I use is called Chami Butr). If you still have a lot of discomfort, change your seat to one that is softer, wider (if the one you have feels too narrow for your sitz bones) and/or one with cut-out in the front. Note that it is not uncommon for your seat area to be sore if you go for a much longer ride than you're used to. Like how your feet & legs become conditioned as you run longer, your seat area will also get conditioned the more you ride.

Best of luck on your 30K!

Unknown said...

Yipee, let's meet for fun in Boston! We're having a little party for Jill from Run With Jill, post race but let's have lunch or breakfast too! We have to meet. I have you as a friend on Facebook but let's also exchange #s before hand!
Regarding the tiredness, I've been there too lately, off and on. I don't feel like it's the running though. Stress?? Good luck on the Valentine's race!

Susan said...

Oh that Stamford race -- oh the memories!!!!! You can do it, my friend, because Lord knows it HAS to be easier than pushing out an 8 lb 5 oz baby boy who is facing the wrong direction!!!

I am tired, also, but because said chunk is teething like crazy. Aaack!

jeanne said...

sweetie, you are just the best! Thanks for the reminder about living in the moment. I had forgotten. I was too busy being frantic about the future. Seriously.
Are you getting enough sleep? I'm jealous that you are running so much! And biking!

My seat is the one that came with my bike, a specialized dolce, and it is fabulous. I think you just have to try a few different ones, but you should be able to find one that doesn't mess with your vajayjay.

April 16-20 in boston? I'm so there!