Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy new 2008 - and what are you going to do this year?

I love nothing more than a resolution. I am one of Belbin's resource investigators - extrovert, enthousiastic and communicative. On the down side I lose interest once initial enthousiasm has passed... Starting afresh, setting new goals, mapping new targets - I'm your girl. Once I'm mired down in the middle of it all, when all I can see is big humps ahead of me - that's when it gets hard. That's one of the reasons my running and racing means so much to me. A marathon is proof to me that somewhere, inside me, there's an element of a completer finisher in there - someone who can see a long plan through and emerge victorious. So don't fence me in yet!

So having said all that let me launch into my new year's resolutions:
- thanks to aforementioned terrible flu I am now at target weight. I need to stay there and stay with the healthy, low alcohol lifestyle.
- I would like to run 2 marathons well-ish this year. Again, thanks to aforementioned flu my training for London has been somewhat curtailed but I'm hoping to pick it all up again this week. I will only have missed 2 weeks then and that should be manageable. Well - it will be. 10 days of skiing should make me fit and strong and mentally ready to take on 12 weeks of training. We'll see....
- I hope to find some balance this year with my new challenges of working and being a mother and wife - and being me. I am really hoping that this will be the year where I will be able to say "no" to things sometimes. Particularly to requests from others for me to do things I don't have time or inclination to do. Let this be the year...
- I would like to do my bit for charity. I want to launch my Save the Rhino fund raising page this week and will do it.
- and I would just, occasionally, like to smell the roses. I'm very very fortunate in lots of ways and I hope that I will remember, at times, to just enjoy that, instead of charging ahead to the next thing. Here's hoping.

And what's happening for you? What are you aiming for? Are you going to come and run a race with me somewhere? Let me know..


Susan said...

Chasen thinks I should try to race once on every continent... and a friend suggested I make it on my 5th, 10th, 15th, etc. wedding anniversary. So maybe I will be racing "across the pond" in 2010!

My biggest goal is to try to continue to improve myself -- as is everyone else's! I want to run one marathon, at least, and numerous smaller races. Keep on keeping on!

Irish Blue said...

I have many of the same issues you identified in the beginning of this post, so you have given me hope my friend as you have accomplished a lot with your running.

I would love to run a race with you!! I'm not sure I can swing an overseas jaunt this year (I hope to in the future), but I think I could convince my hubby to take me anywhere in the US for a marathon. I would like to do late fall, like Nov/Dec. Let me know your thoughts.

I will be back to donate to your cause too.

Drusy said...

Hey Petra, Here's a standup routine about the FLM. I laughed!