Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Blah, blah, blah. And Emz Abz.

I have mentioned my thick skull before. Truths take their time to penetrate - like rainwater on rocks, really - and in addition there's a bit of goldfish memory going on. This has proved the case with summer holidays. I have relearned several things over the past 6 or so weeks:
- even though my kids are 7 and 10, I still get precious little constructive stuff done when they're home all day. The constant interruptions, whether for provisions, help with Lego construction, arbitration in a bustup or fatal-seeming injuries, mean that I start many things but finish few.
- all though, in theory, I have "all day" - in fact, it's harder to fit my exercise in than normal. Before breakfast is a good bet.
- I must plan ahead. Kids sloping round the house for days is not good for anyone.
- summer holidays in the United Kingdom seem like a good idea when you're some way away from them and in a penny-pinching mode. The reality of the weather here (cold, damp, windy for the most part) hits you when you're trying to have a holiday in it.
- I am still a procrastinator. That's not really a summer holiday feature, it's a year-round life skill but combined with the factors above it's not helping things.

Ok. Enough with the blahs. Sport! After my heady start I have tempered things somewhat but am still, much to my surprise, enjoying the multisport and, gasp, the gym classes. After hurting my back doing VIPR I shall be giving that a miss, but the body conditioning feels good and I'm about to book in some spin sessions. My son has swimming lessons for 30 minutes every day this week so I too shall be heading to the pool for half an hour. Not much, I know, but a start. I've even - strangely - started doing some treadmill running. (This has proved extremely taxing as the treadmill counts in km/h - converting that to min/miles is HARD). The advantage of the treadmill, I have found, is hills. Now I have recently been running some hills (including one which is a mile long and has me nearly heaving into my Asics) but they're a bit of a way away and I don't always have a chance to go. And round here it is flat. FLAT! So the treadmill is rather a sweet solution. Plus, I've been told they give me abs.

Because yes. I want abs. This middle aged floppy spread - muffin top? - has got to go. I've said it before but by golly you know me by now - I just have to keep trying to do something and eventually I will do it. (My children's persistent nagging shows apples don't fall far from trees - persistence is inherited. ) I've been in touch with the lovely Jill who has been sidelined from running for a while and she and I have agreed to keep each other accountable with our schedules each week to ensure we don't lose too much fitness. One of the things she forced me to suggested we do is join Jamoosh's HardCore club. And the point of this club is this - I want to look like Emily. I will give up on the tall bit - although I hail from a nation of tall people I am a runt and what can you do about that? I will give up on the blonde bit (let's not talk hair right now people, the picture is not pretty). Even the very slim bit. But those abs. Here you go - here are her abs.
And that's not even the sweetest bit. That woman is FAST! Greased lightning! And I'm sure it's her awesome abs keeping her in perfect form even at 23 miles. Apparently, Jamoosh tells us it's not just the exercises - it's also her healthy and lean diet. And I've a way to go there, but that's for another post (though tips and tricks would be MUCH appreciated).

Overall - the loosey goosey approach to training is working okay. Not more than that. I feel a lot better when I do something every day. Last week I was on my own with one of my children for a few days and so did not get a run or anything else in. I immediately felt like a slug. I only got 18 miles in for the week and I can't tell you how badly I felt about that. I was very tempted to immediately go into an agressive training program for something, anything. But I've told myself I cannot, should not. I am feeling quite good at the moment and need to stay that way for a while.

In other breaking news, my bike is on ebay and I'm hoping it will sell for enough to put towards a new one.

That's it for now folks - hope things are more exciting in your life!


Emz said...

Oh my gosh. This kills me. You are awesome. {I think I tell you that ever day] but you ARE and I adore you. I truly don't see what you see in me but I love you [even more] for it.

YAY for the treadmill workouts!!
Hope you got my email?!

Aka Alice said...

LOL...I still get interrupted when both my kids are home (ages 15 and 12), but mostly when I am called on to (as you put it) arbitrate a bustup...Maybe when one of them goes off to college... Although I will admit, it is better now than when they were younger. (better = I can get some things done when both are in the house, or with one at 15, I can leave for a few minutes and know that the house will be (mostly) in one piece when I return.

Those ABS! After two kids, can we still get abs like that? Wow!

Andrew Opala said...

hope your bike sells for more ... they sell locally for a lot more

run Petra run!

Susan said...

You remind me of me. Oh my!!!

Running and living said...

OK, she looks great, but she has zero body fat; most of us can't attain that, including her abs, but that is OK. I think that you'll find that the more you swim/bike/run, the better your body will look. I am witnessing the transformation of my body, without any special workouts except swim/bike/run!

Anonymous said...

Aren't Emz abs awesome?! I joined the challenge too. Fingers crossed!

Jill said...

You are killing me, Petra!!

Ok, I failed about 3 times last week on our keeping each other accountable schedule. Today, I did nothing. It's time to start over. Tomorrow I will make up for it, ok?? And you and I WILL look like dear Emily. Did I tell you I did nothing today? Well, just in case, I did nothing today. But I ate some pie. Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow is THE day, ok??!!!

Hope the bike sells for big dough...I have no idea what those UK numbers stranslate to, but it's going to get you big money for Boston!!


Irish Blue said...

Now, those are abs to die for! I agree they're great for running form too and probably injury prevention.

My kids go back to school next week and I CAN'T WAIT! Did I mention I CAN'T WAIT!? I've gotten very little accomplished for weeks now and I feel really yuke. I need them to be back on a schedule so I can go to bed early and hit the road by 5AM. (Hard to do when you are running to get one at driver's ed at 10PM or from a friend's house, or the college age one is coming home late and staying up all night....uggghhh. I'm tired of summer.

saucony said...

She has a great body, I like the abs, hope I have that body too. That is a great result of running.

mistyGreen said...

"I immediately felt like a slug. I only got 18 miles in for the week and I can't tell you how badly I felt about that." I can really relate to this. This happen to me all times. Do you now what I do to ease this feeling? I go for treadmill for long hours. Good it satisfies me...
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