Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The birth of multisport me - I'm lovin' it!

I know! It's been aaaagggggeeeessss again. Sorry people! After my last post we went on a week's camping holiday to Wales and as anyone with kids knows it takes 3 days to get ready for a holiday before you leave and 3 days to recover when you get back.

Not to mention endless loads of laundry etc. So I am once again waaaaayyy behind on blogs - nigh unforgivable when you lot have been out there running triathlons and doing half ironmen (women?) and running marathons with your heels falling off and all sorts of crazy stuff. Sorry! I will catch up - it's on my to-do list. Ha.

So. After my overtraining insight and post - thank you for all the amazing feedback by the way, you are too kind! - I did what I was threatening to do and joined the gym. The reason I was hesitant to do this was:
  1. I have joined and left this gym about 3 times already and have left each time because I did not use it enough;
  2. because it costs money and I'm trying to cut costs;
  3. because I have finally seen that despite being a chatty Cathy I never seem to last long in groups and gyms are a very "groupy" kind of place.
However. If I'm going to cut back on my running - a bit - I need to do something else. I like being fit and strong AND I just cannot bear to think of getting fat again. Anyone who has ever been fat knows it's just awful and losing masses of weight is hard hard work and I just don't want to climb that mountain again. So. I need to branch out! Do the opposite of me! Not let myself stumble on roadblocks that have stopped me before. So I have made the following resolve:
  • to use the gym 3 times a week;
  • to get private swimming lessons so I can improve my skills;
  • to just )(*(**&^*&%^* do it and get over myself.
One of the things that fells me is any class requiring co-ordination. As soon as someone lithe steps in front of a mirror and starts doing any kind of "moves" I screw up. My moves are not the same, my moves go in the wrong direction, I mix up left and right.. And then I catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and instead of the early 80s Olivia Newton John picture I had in my mind there is a sausage in lycra moving in the opposite direction from everyone else. But! The new motto is suck it up, and suck it up I will.

So to prove this, let me present to you this week's achievements so far. Sunday - ran 10 miles easy (giving me a total of 24 miles for last week which, given that all of this mileage was run because I wanted to run is great!).
look at me! I'm lovin' that 10 miler!

Monday - cycled 14.5M to the gym (up and down hills), ploughed up and down the pool for 1000m trying to follow Kelownagirl's swimming tips, got back on the bike to cycle 14.5 miles home. Minimal transitions there people, and I was on my bike by 6am!
and now I'm lovin' 29 miles on the bike with a swim in the middle!

By the time I got home, just after 9am, I was toast but I did not get to sit down (or lie down, hmmmm) because I walked straight into summer holiday sibling strife and spent the rest of the day trying to be productive and not get my kids to kill each other. In the evening I went back to the gym (I know!) to do an hour's "body balance" - basically yoga / pilates type stretching which was hard and lovely. Slept like a log! Yesterday I ran 6M easy and then in the evening did my first ever VIPR class. Oh. My. Goodness. I have NO upper body strength. I am a weed! And this weed is feeling it today. But Jill - that means 2 consecutive days of ab workouts! So Emz, watch out - I'm right behind you. (Only joking! Emz will have showered off her washboard abs, had a three-course meal and a post-marathon nap by the time I come in..).

As for the long-term - for this year, I have no plans. My osteopath thinks I should concentrate on 5Ks and 10Ks to get faster. Somehow I cannot get excited about this plan, but maybe I will. My overall consideration is to get stronger - and my iron levels are going up, people! - and to get back into enjoyment of exercise - which is also happening. I'm going to spend the rest of August trying out the various exercise classes my gym is offering and will probably settle on a couple that I will rotate, focusing mainly on core strength and flexibility. I will get my swimming lessons organised and started. And I will buy a new roadbike. You may recall that back in November I bought a bargain Cannondale on ebay. Well, as these things go it was not such a clever move - I have been suffering with back pain on that thing and when I took it into a decent bike shop for some advice on fitting it the guy told me straightaway "that bike is waaaayy too small for you". I kind of knew that - it is titchy! - but it's a Cannondale! (Anyone want to buy a bargain Cannondale? It's probably suitable for 13-15 year old?) So in the next few weeks I am going to buy a new bike and keep that up. I am loving the fact that on a bike I can actually go places - I can cyle to people's houses (remember I live in the country - everyone lives at least 10M away from me) and then cycle home.

Overall - I'm on the up. I have some BIG plans for next year but will keep those under my (new Nike) hat for now - for now I'm just firing up my mojo and lovin' it!


zbsports said...

From the post it seems you were born sporty person...That is you passion keep it up...

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

I laughed when I was reading about the "right left thing" I blame it on dyslexia. I know how you feel, but you are right, just do it.

Never give up the fight to be fit!
(you look amazing...I can't even picture you large)

Runner Susan said...

OMG. Those are some big plans. Promise me you won't let the water eat you. Go multisport you!

Susan said...

You amaze me! And look at those pink appliances!

lizzie lee said...

this is what was called in the early 90's re-engineering: establish re-workable processes in an efficient manner to adapt to new situations.

Congrats on your multi-sport Petra. That's where I went while my bone bruise. Not participating, though. The bike was stationary, and the swimming was on my own, but was also planning on getting a swimming coach to improve. I think that running or not, it is a great approach.

take care, and keep the positive attitude....


Emz said...

I'm so impressed.... Mulit-sport petra.


Meg said...

WOW, wow, wow. You have turned it around so quickly, girl!! So smart to try the lessons for swimming...Ruthie, my swim teacher, was tough on me and I did feel like a five year old, but it helped a lot! Stay with it!
You are an inspiration, I can't wait to hear more about your adventures in the multi-sport WORLD!
By the way, was that your camping picture? It looks like it was a rugged trip! Did you build that little porch?

Running and living said...

there is so much energy in this post, i love it. and yes, multisport training can be addictive. there is less pain and suffering than in running only, i think, and also less risk of injury. so, welcome! when is your first tri?

Runner Leana said...

Woohoo! Multisport IS so much fun! I'm sure you will love it and cycling and swimming is a great thing to throw in with running.

I know what you mean though, it is hard to get fired up about 5Ks and 10Ks. :)

Anonymous said...

whoohooo on joining the multisport club! I actually just quit the gym since I never go, but I know eventually I will be

I need swim lessons badly since I am a slowpoke in the water...send tips my way!!!! :)

aron said...

you sound great lady!! love the attitude and you just sound happy :) i like.

cycling is so fun!! i am loving it and thinking that i might just cut back on a day of running to fit more in... i mean it can't hurt and really what is one short little recovery run going to do anyways ;) we will see though. can't wait to see all the stuff that will keep you busy!

oh and 5/10ks can be fun! they are over fast, then if they dont go as planned, you can try again the next weekend! you could throw some halves in there too? thats my fav distance.

Anonymous said...

You are keeping busy with so many different activities- that is terrific!

Fran said...

Hai Petra,

Seen you on different blogs I read too and thought I'd take a look here after all we're kind of neighbours as I'm living in The Netherlands :)

I like your blog so will come back here to read more from you.

I haven't seen my gym from the inside more than 3 weeks now and I do need to go back there otherwise it's worthless money spend and I need the strength training (which I also dislike but got to do it).

Aka Alice said...

How funny...I was just thinking about quitting my gym membership this morning (mostly reason #1, I just don't use it, especially in the summer), but I didn't because I know that once the days shorten, I'll be there again.

LMC said...

Welcome to the world, new multisport you! You sound happy, energetic and hopeful. Your iron level is up.This is ALL good and I'm so glad for you. Can't wait to hear more about your plans for next year. For now, take it one day at a time, or one visit to the gym at a time! :)

Drusy said...

Your camping looks great, but I do remember how much harder it is with little ones. Billy and I have a MUCH easire time in the campervan. Hmm 25 miles a week running is pretty high mileage for me, and then you're doing multisport on TOP? I'm not entirely convinced you've got the overtrained out of your system yet!
Looking forward to the WWFOR!

Jill said...

Petra dear...I loved reading your post about all your new athletic endeavors! A new you has emerged and I can read in our words how this new person is excited to be on her new journey! I know you can do this, it's exactly what your body and mind need right now, a change. I got fired from Salsa class and the Yoga teacher is threatening to do the same, so I understand about the wrong direction and me would have a total blast in one of those classes together; we'd be laughing so hard our abs would get a killer workout. And remember, we're working our abs to death in our marathon training hiatus. You are handling this transition with grace and dignity and I am sooo very proud, and HAPPY, for you.

Ok, let's get a weekly plan together and get on the same boat for our workouts, we'll help motivate and push each other. I am totally off the running thing for awhile, but I'm doing the spin bike and the elliptical trainer (ugh) at the gym...and I'm doing my ab work :).


Tricia said...


Runner Susan said...

I want to train for a marathon and then come over there and run a marathon with you. Can you pick a good one?