Friday, March 04, 2011

Petra's ABC.

Have seen this everywhere and like it - so here's mine.  Feel free to cut and paste and join in! 

A~Age: 39.  40 this year and looking forward to it - things keep getting better. 

B~ Bed Size: Superking - it's lovely.  

C~Chore you hate: ironing and putting laundry away.  It's a Sisyphean task.  I always give up halfway and everyone ends up dressing out of the laundry basket. 

D~Dogs: Two.  Frank and Alfie - 2 Jack Russells.  They've been dognapped by my FIL though who feeds them roast chicken and soaked liver (yuck) so they just come to see me to pee against the furniture.  Hmm.  I prefer my cat, Pippi.  

E~Essential Start your Day Item: Cup of Earl Grey first, then lots of coffee. 

F~Favorite Color: purple

G~Gold or Silver: hmmm.  both. 

H~Height: 5'4" - I suspect I might be the shortest Dutch person you've ever heard of.  The runt of the Dutch litter.  It's much more comfortable in the UK. 

I~Instruments you play: used to play the piano. 

J~Job Title: web designer - jack of all trades, master of none.

K~Kids: 2 - 10 year old Sophia and 8 year old Felix.  Lights of my life. 

L~Live: Lincolnshire.  I've lived all over the world and never thought I'd end up living on a farm in rural England.  I've now lived here longer than anywhere else and it's home.  I like it.  I'm free here.

M~Mom’s name: Janny - pronounced Yanni (yes). 

N~Nicknames: Peet, petch, molly, booshka. 

O~Overnight Hospital Stays: 2 when I was a teen for various surgeries on my nasal cavities (hmm) and 2 to have my kids. 

P~Pet Peeve: Where do I start?  People who say "I was sat" instead of "I was sitting" or even worse "I were sat".  Facial hair with food in it.  People with chips on shoulder - it's just boring. Self-pity in myself and others.  The crappy food you get served at big functions.  Just give me an apple.

Q~Quote from a Movie: I don't remember these very well - I love Pulp Fiction though and all I can think is "Zed's dead.  Zed's dead baby."

R~Right or Left Handed: Left.  Have figured out how to use my right hand as well though - ambidextrous!

S~Siblings: One, younger brother Erik.

T~Time you wake up: 6am.

U~Underwear: Hate thongs for what they do for you when you have to suddenly brake in a car.  Also for how I look in them.  I like boring bikini pants - spend nothing on underwear really..
V~Vegetable you Dislike: okra.

W~What Makes You Late: fooling around on the internet.

X~X-rays You’ve had Done:none

Y~Yummy Food you Make: banana maple pecan cake, quinoa salad, lemon chicken, spaghetti with meatballs - bring it on! 

Z~Zoo Animal Favorite: penguins.


Lindsay and James Cotter said...

you know I am bound to do this next. Its just too fun!
ANd I hate ironing and putting up laundry, not sure why either.

Running and living said...

Do you still iron? I have given that up a long time ago:)
I hate thongs, too, so uncomfortable. I love boy underwear!

Aron said...

I love these!! I hate ironing, I never do it, things that need to be ironed go to the drycleaner :) and I am always getting dressed out of the laundry basket!

Mary IronMatron said...

You are exactly right about putting away laundry. It is Sisyphean! And I just don't iron... at all.
I like your list. :)

Kate said...

I'm glad you joined in with the ABCs. I am 5'4" too! I used to think I was tall, but now I work with several women over 5'9" so I feel like a midget (is that politically incorrect?)

I also love Pulp Fiction (but I am horrible at quoting movies).


Amanda@runninghood said...

I love these. the Internet always makes me late. Stupid Internet! :) I'm starting to like thongs less and less the older I get and the bigger my buns grow. :) I DO. Not. Iron. ever. :) I'm 5'4 too...seems a popular height. :)

Meg said...

Love...quinoa salad and Jack Russells!! in anything other than on your head! Did you read Mary IronMatron's blog today??

Julie said...

Hi Petra,
I really enjoyed reading this:)

I grew up on a dairy farm in Minnesota. I now live in the burbs but miss the quiet slower paced country life:) You are lucky to be so free...I bet running in the country gives you a sense of peace.

Thanks for sharing! Take care Petra!

Jill said...

You always make me smile, always :). Love your ABC answers! I love my cat, too (but I don't have any dogs) and please...ironing??? My ironing board is a catch-all in my bedroom!

Love ya!! :)

lizzie lee said...

I share with you:

B(ed size); part of your C(hores -hate ironing, but laundry doesn't bother); G(old and Silver - both); and I(nstruments, I also used to play piano when little)....

Z with daughter. She LOVESSSSSSSSss penguins....


Fran said...

Nice to read more about you. You're mom, brother and you have typical Dutch names. My mom's name is Aartje :)

I have my ABC ready to post but have to figure out my length in inches so I have no clue if you're really that short :)

Anonymous said...

these are so fun to read :) I loathe ironing and NEVEr do it...I just toss things into the dryer..hehe

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure there is nothing worse than putting away laundry. Seriously! UGH!

And I love penguins! Love! March of the Penguins...amazing :)

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