Friday, December 17, 2010

Secret Santa delivers early!

A few weeks ago I entered the lovely, lovely Jill's Secret Santa gift exchange - as I don't work in an office or with colleagues (that makes me sound fun doesn't it?) I feel deprived of this particular Christmas tradition and it seemed that having this giveaway between runners and triathletes would be a better guarantee than usual that you'd actually end up with a good present. I was not wrong! Santa is obviously not as flummoxed by snow and ice as Amazon has been and got his present to me early, all the way from Minnesota The North Pole! Julie (of Julie's Running blog) Santa apologised for spending more than she should have - a first for Santa - but said she just had to get this for me! Wonderful, wonderful Santa. I documented every step:

brown paper packages - exciting!

beautiful pink tissue paper - what a lovely touch Julie Santa!
And then this - a wonderful new running book AND some Minnesota Moose Poop!! I love it Julie Santa - thank you!

And thanks also go to my lovely friend Jill who set all this up. As you can see, organising it was VERY strenuous but she (with the help of Tara AND chips and beer - everyone KNOWS that stuff helps) managed to set it all up and what a great idea it is! This is just what I needed to say goodbye to the Grinch who has been living in my head this past week (not enough time, not enough money, too much )(*)&*&^*%&^% Christmas music, too many people in towns, what's with this traffic?) and to move into a mood where I realise it is a wonderful time of year to stop and think warm and fuzzy thoughts about the wonderful people in my life and all the joy they bring me. I would wish you a Merry Christmas but I won't - there's more blogging to come before then. Enjoy the weekend though - I've got my long run in already (haha!)......


Amanda@runninghood said...

What a perfect gift! is even wrapped so pretty! I feel so lame now....I went past the limit for sure but my wrapping is just so blah! Julie is Awesome!

Emz said...

now seriously.
how am I expected to "top" moose poop. That. just. "rocks".

Running and living said...

I got my present today, too! Makes me feel guilty that I spent only $ person spent way more!

misszippy said...

Love that she gave a personalized Minnesota touch to it all. Fun stuff!

Susan said...

I have never been given poop. Ha!

Jill said...

It arrived!!! Julie, I mean Santa, and I had fun discussion what to get someone in England. I thought it had to be something Minnisota-y and Moose Poop does not fail!!! SO glad it arrived save and sound and that you are happy :). I happen to know your gift arrived TO your exchange buddy's house, but she's waiting to open until she sends her gift she said it'd be cheating. Hehe. So breathe easier, the mailman in England braved the elements just for you, Petra, to help de-clog those holiday blues.


Julie said...

Hi Petra,
I am so glad that your package arrived fast and safe:) I am so happy that you like it!!

Minnesota is a little like the North Pole....especially in January!

Take care Petra! You are my newest international bloggy friend:) Hugs!

jeanne said...

it will be hard to top moose poop!!! I could maybe dig up some tea party poop...?

Fran said...

I've seen this exchange gift thing on other blogs too and I think it's a great idea!

The lovely Julie send me a package too and I was so touched and surprised by that gesture.